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😘...Have Pen, Will Travel

This is one of my innermost favorite catch-phrases when it's time to write something about Me. My pen has, since I can remember, been considered my double-edged sword. The enrichment of my vocabulary is among my personal-assets. I journal for the mere sake of mental/emotional exercise and I adore the creative-senses of fellow wordsmiths with the courage to express its true, authentic essence. The odder, the better! I, with age, am gaining this remarkable attraction to myth/legend, love-languages, mystical-communion, and sacred-alchemy -- thru Story, Art, and Acoustic-Alchemy. The concept of the GrapevineGriot has caught my attention, so, these days I'am exploring the worlds and stories of those with the creative-passions to share/(re)member that which bring legendary-lessons to life. TheQuintessentialQuote. ThePoeticJustice. ThePlayhousePerformer. TheMUSEologist. TheVineyardCreative.

Thea M. Wiggins-Clark (CoachSky)

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